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Why choose KD Waterjet in Perth for your cutting needs?

Unmatched depth & versatility

KD Waterjet cutting services in Perth offers exceptional precision, allowing us to cut intricate shapes and designs with tight tolerances. At KD Waterjet Perth, our high-pressure pump can deliver up to 6,200 bar, allowing it to cut virtually any material, from food and paper products to composites, steel and exotic metals.

Save Raw Materials

Waterjet cutting is a non-contact process, meaning there is no direct physical contact between the cutting tool and the material being cut. This feature minimises the risk of material deformation, warping, or mechanical stress, ensuring the integrity and quality of the finished product.With less than 2mm cutting kerf width and its built-in nesting capabilities, the waterjet machine does not waste raw materials like other traditional cutting methods


Our commitment to sustainability drives us to choose waterjet cutting as an environmentally friendly alternative. Waterjet cutting uses only water and a garnet abrasive, without the need for additional harmful chemicals or byproducts. This clean and eco-conscious method significantly reduces waste and environmental impact.

Cold Cutting

Unlike traditional cutting methods that involve heat, waterjet cutting is a cold process, which eliminates the risk of any melting, tearing, hardening or deformation of the material. The absence of heat and dust creates an even safer and environmentally friendly working environment. It also prevents any potential alterations to the properties or integrity of heat-sensitive materials.



With minimal material wastage, efficient cutting speeds, and the ability to process multiple materials simultaneously, we optimise production and help you achieve cost-effective results. Additionally, the versatility of waterjet technology eliminates the need for multiple cutting processes, streamlining your overall production workflow.

edge quality

Waterjet cutting services can provide an exceptional edge quality, requiring little or no additional edge treatment, and the flexibility to cut almost any type and thickness of product. It can help to deliver precise and efficient cutting solutions that meet the unique requirements of each industry in Perth.


About KD Waterjet

Welcome to KD Waterjet Located in Welshpool, WA, Perth. KD Waterjet Perth provides profile cutting services, your trusted provider of cutting services for a wide range of industries including Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Marine, Defence, and Aerospace. We specialise in utilising advanced waterjet technology to deliver precise and efficient cutting solutions that meet the unique requirements of each industry in Perth.


With dedicated employees who possess over a decade of experience, we are committed to delivering quality services with a quick turnaround. Contact us for a free quotation and we can offer services which can be tailored to your requirements.

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How Waterjet Works?

Out Waterjet cutting systems consist of a high-pressure pump that pressurises water and pushes it through a small orifice at extremely high speeds. In some cases, abrasive particles such as garnet or aluminium oxide may be added to the water to enhance cutting capabilities. The high-velocity waterjet, combined with the abrasive particles (if used), creates a powerful cutting tool. The waterjet can be precisely controlled and directed using computer numerical control (CNC) technology to cut intricate shapes and designs.

KD Waterjet cutting services in Perth is known for its ability to cut through a wide range of materials, including:


Waterjet cutting is suitable for cutting metals like steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, and more. It can handle different thicknesses and alloys, making it useful for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.


Waterjet is a versatile method for cutting various types of plastics, including acrylic, PVC, nylon, polycarbonate, and more. It offers precise and clean cuts without generating heat, making it ideal for plastic materials that are sensitive to temperature.

Stone and ceramics

Waterjet cutting can cut through materials like granite, marble, ceramic tiles, porcelain, and other natural or engineered stones. It is used in the construction industry, art and design, and for creating intricate architectural elements.

Foam and rubber

Waterjet cutting is an effective method for cutting foam and rubber materials, offering precise and clean cuts without causing excessive heat or deformation.
It is suitable for cutting polyurethane foam, rubber gaskets, and insulation materials.


Waterjet cutting is an excellent method for cutting glass due to its ability to create intricate shapes without causing thermal stress or micro-cracks. We utilise high-pressure water combined with abrasive particles to cut through glass accurately.


Waterjet cutting is typically not the most common method used for cutting wood due to its high water pressure. But it, can cut wood materials, including hardwoods and softwoods. It is utilised in industries like furniture manufacturing and woodworking.


Waterjet cutting is effective for cutting composite materials like carbon fibre, fibreglass, and Kevlar. These materials are commonly found in aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment manufacturing.


Other materials

Waterjet cutting can also be used for cutting materials like rubber, leather, textiles, and even food products. It enables precise cutting of intricate patterns and designs without fraying or compromising the material's integrity.

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