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KD Water Jet Perth

Most versatile cutting technology

Why Choose Waterjet

Our high-pressure pump can deliver up to 6,200 bar, allowing it to cut virtually any material, from food and paper products to composites, steel and exotic metals.

Unmatched depth & versatility

Cold Cutting

As its name suggests, the cutting process is cold, which eliminates the risk of any melting, tearing, hardening or deformation of the material. The absence of heat and dust creates an even safer and environmentally friendly working environment.



Exceptional edge quality


Waterjet can deliver exceptional edge quality, requiring little or no additional edge treatment, and the flexibility to cut almost any type and thickness of product.



Save Raw Materials

With less than 2mm cutting kerf width and its built-in nesting capabilities, the waterjet machine does not waste raw materials like other traditional cutting methods.




Welcome to KD Waterjet Located in Welshpool, WA, Perth. KD Waterjet Perth provides profile cutting services, your trusted provider of cutting services for a wide range of industries including Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Marine, Defence, and Aerospace. We specialize in utilizing advanced waterjet technology to deliver precise and efficient cutting solutions that meet the unique requirements of each industry in Perth.


With dedicated employees who possess over a decade of experience, we are committed to delivering quality services with a quick turnaround. Contact us for a free quotation and we can offer services which can be tailored to your requirements.

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We would love to hear from you and to have the opportunity to prepare a quote. Please use the form below to request a quote.

P: 08 6150 9827

Unit 8/275, Treasure Road N, Welshpool WA 6106


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